Friday, July 25, 2008


As I said yesterday: at 7:21 I was proofreading and updating my posts. Posting all the shit that I didn't get to post while I was getting drunk and waking up with slugs in my shoes.

I had a good romp, and I'm actually excited to be getting back to Pennsylvania. We'll see how long this feeling lasts. Coming home always feels great, but I know from experience that I end up feeling restless here. Maybe this time is different - but I'd feel a little naive if I truly believed that.

My bus ride from Val d'Or Quebec to Philadelphia took 25 hours including stations and our three hours sitting in customs. The customs guys are dicks. This is not new news, but they really can be some serious dicks. I know that's the point. Scare you into screaming where you're hiding your drugs and weapons. Right? Anyway.

I'm not saying I'm a zen awesome dude - but the bus ride didn't even bother me. I didn't care about time, I fell asleep only slightly. "I am where I am, I'll get where I get." At other points in life I think the ride would have been excruciating for me to bear. This time, not so. And when I got to Philadelphia? Beautiful, loveable city. I'm always in love when I leave and come back. Flying through the city, covered in Val d'Or dirt and a corpsical stink was incredibly uplifting. I high-speed bicycle-danced through the streets. Then I got a shower at Mark and Nat's place.

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