Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home again? Kennett Square

I'm in Kennett Square at my parents house. They're away until August 3rd. I didn't plan it that way - my trip ended early. More accurately, my trip didn't have an ending time but I assumed it would take longer for me to feel like it was completed. Being at $0 was a good time to quit - though I didn't know the extent of my lack of money until I got home. Good thing those bus tickets were covered...? That could have been some hitchhiking and some hungry cycling. For my next bicycle tour, I'm either going to leave with thousands of dollars or I'm going to be way more badass about money. "Badass" here translates to having the balls to implement every free food technique in the book, travel with next to nothing, and spend next to nothing. This is a touring ideal of mine that is almost purely theoretical. Purely theoretical for me - others actually roll this way. I'm a funny little candy-ass who keeps buying muffins and laughing about it. Badass is an ideal that I would like to move toward. I've got to be more thrifty in at least some ways. And brave, clean, and reverent while I'm at it. Lots of ideas - all the time.

I ended up drinking some whiskey that's been rolling around in the van for awhile. With a Coca Cola mixer, of course. I'm not a barbarian.

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