Saturday, July 26, 2008

Are you shrooming?

Apparently yes. Too soon? It could have waited a few days, but I tacked some shrooms onto the end of the trip, just like I pasted some right into the beginning. At 7:21 I was sitting on the floor in Nat's room, pulsing and scattered. My heart is still glowing from the trip, and the mushrooms are providing a separate but exciting auxiliary glow. I'm happy.

I'm home, I'm with my friends, I had my fun.

Being somewhat fresh off the bus, and just planted back in the area, I didn't get to completely piece together my feelings about the adventure. I had a chance to think about it and talk about some of the good parts - and some of the good parts I didn't even share in the posts. My feelings are that the first part of the trip, going up the east coast - (to Bar Harbor, pre-hitchhiking, all bicycle powered, amazing hospitality, learning to calm down and love everything) - was the best. Then, as I said, the trip felt like it was slipping away from me. I can explain this. You know when you're having the best dream ever, but you start to wake up and you realize that it's just a dream? It's so good that you try to go back to sleep to believe it again if just for a few more minutes. I was able to fall asleep again and re-love the trip when I appeared in Montreal. Then as I traveled north, got off the P'tit Train du Nord path, and continued further - it turned into a test of willpower. The trip started to slip away from me again, and when I had those mosquitos humming and the vision of myself in dangerous wilderness, it seemed pointless. My dream was a twisted version of the original, and fuck if I didn't have to get up and go to work anyway. I have $0. I have a few things I can sell, and a little money that I'm owed - but technically $0 at the moment.

I need to do what's next. Job? Something. We'll see. Let me glow for another day; two if I can.

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