Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rain on the path

It looked like it was going to rain. It rained. Pretty serious rain. I stayed out of it for a few hours in a pavilion, the only one not speaking French in a group of twenty or so. Cold. Not super fun. I won't harp on it. I'm not sure why I stopped and let myself cool down - I was already soaked. When the rain started to calm down and the crowd dispersed, I put on my rain jacket and continued. I'm not used to the feeling of being an outsider - not knowing the language. Sometimes I get a certain enjoyment out of it - but times like in the pavilion I don't enjoy it.

Continuing. The rain kicked it up a notch and I warmed up as I rode on. I got to a familiar place where I'd stopped to swim last year. I rode into town from the path and got an early 40 ouncer. LaBatt 6.1%... not too gross. I got crouisants. I stopped at a picnic table in town, covered by a roof, safe from the rain. I drank and waited. Then I got another 40 and waited and cooked food. The food was approaching successful. I'm still learning to put it simply. I'm not a very good cook to put it accurately. I cooked pasta and steamed broccoli over the boiling water. That was the smart part. I added a small can of tomato sauce. I didn't know what to do with the garlic, so I busted it open and just stuck it in with the boiling noodles for whatever that was worth. It smelled good anyway. The food was reasonable, and very filling. And cheap.

The rain let up and I wondered why I was so drunk on such a nice afternoon. I sat by the water for awhile, then continued again. The day ended well with me cruising away listening to music on a path that was now paved in this section. I picked a sleeping spot late. I set up right behind a small covered rest area. There was a fast flowing river making noise behind me, and some traffic noise when a truck passed on the highway nearby. Maybe it was the river, or the 40s, or the tiredness adding up, but I slept great. Slightly damp, but that was some very sound sleep.

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