Friday, April 26, 2013


4/26 - toenailed some ceiling joists like a sumabitch. Hints? Drill pilot holes with a 1/8th inch bit. Clamp a piece of scrap to the side of the joist opposite where you're hammering so the joist doesn't move when you start smacking the nail. Or: use a pneumatic nailer. Don't be a whiny clown. Everything went together great - it took a little longer, but it looks great. Zero splits in the ends of the joists. Shitchyeah. went to kristin's parents place. Also got the ridge board (2nd one... this one is 2x8x14) with mom, and the brackets to connect the rafters. Went to Flea market in New Castle. Got four matching tiny windows which I hope can be installed vertically.

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