Monday, April 1, 2013


4/1 - It took just about all day to screw plywood to the bottom of the subfloor framing. I had a sheet left over from the days of Truck House, and a bunch of random sheets that I pulled out of a dumpster in Philly. I got tired of screwing around with little bits of sheets and trying to make everything fit, so I took a breather and looked at everything again. I went to Lowes and bought two more sheets of plywood. Sometimes it's way easier to just buy some plywood. I'm building the house to last, so I'm going to do it right. Slowly, yes - but sturdy. My family visited Cathy and Karl to see my little 8mos old nephew Benjamin. He's a great looking baby. Seems like a winner. After dinner, Karl helped me with my Sketchup plans. I confirmed that my existing layout was all workable and correct, and then I asked about the loft framing. Where should it go? Should the 2x6s lay on top of the double top plate, or should they be built into pockets in the wall framing? Karl made a suggestion that I hadn't ever considered: lay them across the double top plate, and then build a 3ft high knee wall similar to having a second floor. Woah. That's way more space. I also have a full 8' ceiling height on the first floor. This house just got much taller. It's unique, and not like what I see in most other tiny houses. But I have no real height restrictions, since I'm not building on a trailer, so why not make it taller? I'm excited about this. It will give the house some of the unique character that I was looking for. It'll also give us some more storage space for myriad knickknacks.

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