Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dumpstering Building Materials

The games have begun. I borrowed a 42 gallon contractor bag from work and marched toward a dumpster on Penn Campus. They keep throwing stuff away. I packed the bag overly super-full of batts of fiberglass insulation. I would much rather do that than pay for it.

I carried the bag Santa-style for ten minutes and dropped it in a convenient location. Thus began the great scroungeabout.

I've been eyeballing the local building material waste-stream on my long walks and today I decided it was time to strike. I cranked on the van and made a big loop. First stop was the big bag of insulation. Check.

I took and apprehensive pause outside the dumpster on 23rd Street, but then grew some balls and just hopped in. I lined up stud after stud beside the dumpster and it was looking pretty good. Nice clean straight boards for the most part, but plenty of nails to watch the fuck out for.

It was a fantastic haul. I can't wait to start making various small houses.

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