Thursday, March 28, 2013


3/28 - House: buried the buckets of pretty-much-dry cement/rock. Leveled them and laid the beams on top. Cool. Spent awhile trying to cut down a huge fallen tree with a 30" bow saw. Didn't work. Would definitely be dangerous if fell rest of way. Was willing to take that risk. Would like to get more into woodworking. Would like to get more hand tools - big saws, various planes. Would like to make an Adirondack chair and a coffee table from a big slab of wood that I cut out of a big fallen tree. Uncle Steve, Maggie elder and Lillian left today. Got a nice yellow wool hat from a booth at the Antique Mall. Made in VT in what... the 70's? It's unique warm tight fitting hat to possibly take the place of my long-worn and favorite Dr. Pepper hat, which I've found is not as warm as it could be, and isn't large enough to fit over my ears while folded over one time, as you would generally prefer to have such a hat for added warmth. And I got Kristin an expensive ring for fun.

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