Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tiny House eBooks

Another day off of work, and a hemorrhoid or similar is ruining it. I'm very uncomfortable. My butthole hates me, and my room is full of mice. How did I get here? The important development is that I got another new eBook. It seems like each one is better than the last: LaMarr Alexander's "Off Grid Guide" was a good display of how simple building a structure can be. The Tiny House Book by Jay Shafer is full of inspiration and information about the history of our zoning and code obstacles, and more importantly how to overcome them - but Jay's book is scant on building information, and his (admittedly desirable, worthwhile, and awesomely detailed) plans cost a small fortune at about $1,000. This newest eBook is the best. It is heavy on simple step-by-step design and building information tailored specifically to small houses. Each eBook purchase was a slight gamble, but each one paid off. I've grown a bit more confident with each new resource, and I believe that I have fair odds of being successful in building a small house that I can live in for many years - or sell for about the cost of materials if another structure takes over.

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