Sunday, January 6, 2013

Slow plans for a small house.

Stress. Everyone is all stressed out. Everyone feels stuck. Not enough income; no idea how to make more. We have an apartment that has become high on traffic and low on privacy and comfort. It's time to make tracks, but to where? I don't want to pay more in rent, and I abhor the idea of signing a lease and paying for utilities if I can avoid it.

I'm making slow plans to build a tiny house. It takes some imagination. Not the house itself - that can be a rather cookie-cutter and straightforward construction - but having faith that you'll find a person willing to let you park it on their land. You have to imagine that working out, and you have to have faith that the crapshoot will lead to a better life.

I'm one for rolling the dice. It looks like a good move, and if I fail, I still won't have lost too much to manage. That's my kind of gamble. So calm down, dear. This isn't a big deal. It's an odd deal, but not a bad one. No matter what, we'll all go on living like the privileged Americans we've always been. So lets get our groceries and smoke our pot. Leave the housing to me.

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