Monday, January 7, 2013

Don't push buttons to burn children.

I need lumber. I'm looking around for sources of salvaged building materials. 2x4's, sheets of plywood and foam board insulation are the hot ticket items. Saving money on that stuff will make me feel better about blowing money on a new trailer spec'd just how I want it. Using salvaged lumber is also more closely in line with my personal code of trying not to buy fucked up stuff that hurts people and the Earth. A good rule of thumb is to buy used. If you buy something used, then you aren't affecting the supply stream so directly. If you buy a new piece of lumber, then you're effectively pushing a button that says "must replace purchased lumber; must cut down new tree." I picture this button whenever I buy a new pair of shoes: "must replace purchased shoes; must burn foreign children in factory fire."

I hate to be the guy that pushes the button to burn children. I'm not exactly a no-impact sobbing hippie, but I'm not asleep at the wheel, either. I'm just an average guy who would never mind seeing some evil corporate fuckfaces forced to choke on their own baloney. You know. In the nicest way possible...

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