Monday, February 27, 2012

Hot coffee and hilarious flotsam.

I'm back out in Kennett after a lovely slow-paced morning. I did my favorite thing. I woke up in my awesome room in my awesome apartment with Kristin. I laid around with the sun coming through the window. I have warmth in abundance with a strong heater and a 'utilities paid' rental agreement.

We got going, and got coffee. She took her bicycle, and I manned the adult tricycle with bright crocheted handlebar coverings. After coffee comes knick-knack acquisition. We root around looking for $.90 Garfield mugs and other humorous jetsam. Today I struck gold.

I found a Saris Bones 3 bicycle rack for $12.97. I'll put that up on eBay later and sell it for $80+ dollars. I know because I have an auction for another one going right now.

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