Sunday, February 19, 2012

Five bikes and a lotta boxes.

Today, I headed to Kennett. Same as I do most every week for several days. After work, I loaded my van. An old goofy tandem, my Raleigh Twenty, a cheap old ATB... it all got loaded up, and it's all getting photographed and sold. I loaded up five bicycles (5.5 if you consider the tandem), and a ton of boxes and packing materials for eBay sales. I hit the road with a van and a transmission that works.


Anonymous said...

Send me the Raleigh Twenty. How much you want?

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

If only I knew you were in the market. Little Guns went on eBay for a mere $250. I'd have preferred $350 or more, but if you chimed in I'd've just handed it over.

I have a crunk Raleigh Shopper project with wheels already laced... otherwise I'd never have sold the Guns.

Anonymous said...

If you come across any more decent folding bikes, I'd trade my Shogun. I've been looking for quite some time.