Friday, August 26, 2011

Grocery stores and Old Crow.

I'm living and sleeping and staying at the same house with Tara where I was before. It's temporary until I get my van up and scooting along. This is what I think; this is not what I know. Maybe I'll have a van as a house again. How is that going to work? That's the kind of life-item that will need to unfold before I can look at it.

I'm all drunk as fuck all the time. That's a lie. I usually wait until 6pm to get drunk as fuck. Or until work is over if I'm working. Or 5pm or something. I have several simultaneous systems. A slew of solutions.

I got all drunk as fuck and started making a shopping list with the Super Fresh Grand-Opening circular. Me and Tara ate some delicious elite mac n' cheese that we got on super-discount. It was the kind with bread crumbs that requires a trip to the oven. Then we took about two-hundred paces over to the new grocery store to hunt for dealz. Boom.

7:21pm - I was turning my key in the top lock to close up the bicycle shop after work. I headed to the state store because there's a supposed-hurricane coming. Tara called me to remind me that I should stock up on liquor, because the hurricane might close up some businesses for a couple days. I'm turning my key in the top lock of the door, and getting ready to go home and get drunk as fuck. I'll probably end up listening to loud music on my iPod through some actual awesome speakers.


Augusto Pereira said...

I have a friend in Philly who's in need of a bike. I told him I knew a guy who knew the "right" stuff.

Can you give me the address to the bike shop so I can give it to him?


Pixy Stoneskipper said...

Yes, indeed!

Email me privately, because the location is a closely guarded secret as far as this blog is concerned.