Sunday, August 7, 2011

$6.98 day-hike setup, good breakfast and a day-hike.

I got a backpack yesterday. And a Nalgene bottle. $6.98 total. Finally found my day-hike gear at an acceptable price. The bag is brand new, and it's by Jansport. The good part about being a Jansport bag, aside from reasonably good quality, is that if anything ever gets ripped or broken, they will fix it for free. True story.

Matt's got food stamps. Actually, he has a credit card that gets $50 credited to it every week. $200 per month for standing in a line for four hours and filling out forms about how broke you are. We went to the store where the card was used to get supplies for a supreme champion breakfast.

The day started slowly, but included a scenic hike in Mount Tabor Park overlooking the city.

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