Monday, February 28, 2011

Splitting up, leaving, maybe coming back.

After all those nights of drinking, it was tough to slow the momentum. I didn't bother. Me and Tara goofed around with a Wii Fit board that she bought, and watched some TV shows on my computer.

It is interesting to note that I bought a 32" flat screen not long ago, and I'd still rather just watch shit on my laptop. It's complicated enough to get stuff over to the big screen that I'd rather not bother. Technology is an endless pit of necessary upgrades. Bicycles too, if you're like some people.

Me and Tara are splitting up when I go on my bicycle trip in May. I said she could keep the big screen. At some point I have to get all my belongings out of this room and house and put them somewhere else. I haven't given much thought to if or when I'm coming back to this area. I think I'll get my van's electrical issues worked out, and move back into it. I picture that being a beautiful time. There's nothing that makes a van seem more like a mansion than spending many nights in a small tent.

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