Thursday, September 18, 2008

Smells like grapes.

The sun is going down.  I’m driving.  It’s 7:21pm.  My window is cracked, and something smells like grapes.  The smell is possibly being caused by some grapes.  There used to be grapes growing on a fence bordering the back yard at the house I grew up in.  Concord grapes with pits.  This smells identical to that, and the smell is transporting me back through time.  I’m getting whipped with memories, and I don’t see any grapes.  All I had today was two pancakes and a lot of coffee.  The straight line of my mind is starting to warp a little bit, and why am I on this exit ramp?  What exactly am I accomplishing right now?  What am I going to eat, and where are those pitted Concord grapes?

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