Saturday, September 27, 2008

Secure and satisfied.

See, look? The title up there. I don’t like having titles like my previous one hanging around very long. Today was beautiful, and now it’s getting chilly. It’s 721, and I’m listening to Jack Johnson speak a little bit of French on that track on “In Between Dreams.” I’m reading Sheldon Brown‘s page about touring in Quebec. My laptop is on my lap, and I’m watching the light disappear from the sky with my van doors open.
Last night I went out for a burger, and ended up with a ton of beer as well. It was a relief. It took a long time, but I managed to drink 10. I was talking to Shawn for over two hours, and I reached into the box and found only two left. I talked to Shelly and managed to admit that I’m still in love with her. It doesn’t seem to change anything. It wasn’t easy to say.
These kids at this camp are some interesting folks. We’ve got flamboyantly gay, shoplifting crazies. There’s a trashcan fire, wooden crates for benches, dumpstered refuse, and a few scattered tents. It’s a good setup. It’s a huge step from sleeping under the bridge. They found a microwave and a boombox in the trash down in Fargo, and they stole some tapes from somewhere. It can’t get too much more ludicrous that this. They were playing a Purple Rain tape, and my flamboyant friend from under the bridge was getting pretty fancy trying on various fur garments and sequined bandannas. Yes, ludicrous is the word.
My friends who I dropped off at the hobo festival on my way out to Oregon are camped about 20 miles north. Their camp is off the hook. They’re the only ones anywhere around. They’re flying signs (holding cardboard signs that ask for money) in Grand Forks, and they’re getting rich. Everyone is getting over $100 per day. I heard figures of $160 and $180. I’m still not breaking out the markers and cardboard, but I got a glimpse of how that can really work out. They have huge fires and they’re cooking up plenty of food. I spent a night up there two nights ago. I had dinner when I got there and breakfast in the morning. It’s a big scenery change up there – we’ve got RVs with multiple slide-outs down here – and they have no neighbors at all.
Today I’ve just been eating sandwiches and playing on the computer. I’m not accomplishing much. I’m considering moving in with Nat when I get back to Philly. Rent is cheap, and I picture it being a good time for awhile. It’s one thing of many that I’m considering, and I’m considering it thoroughly. In my mind I’m almost moved in, and my walls are already almost painted bright pink. In my mind I almost feel like I have a home over there. I think Rob is moving in there too. I don’t know him very well, but I get the impression that he’s good to have around.
Life is good. Life is stupid. Life is easy.

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