Friday, September 19, 2008

Butte Montana

I’m driving through the nooks and crannies of a pathetic version of Las Vegas. What is this strange tame silliness covered in opportunities to gamble? I have two thoughts. The first is to figure out how and why Montana is covered in casinos.  The second thought is a process in motion.  I’m scouting for a low key place to smoke.  I’m almost out, so after today I won’t be thinking about it anymore.  I’m planning on smoking it all rather than crumbing it down for a week.  Not much left.  Weed has been serving to make this trip interesting in the completely unnecessary sense.
Sigur Ros made me want to float up and take a large impossible bite from the crest of a mountain. I considered it for at least ten minutes.  If I could open my mouth beyond all limitations of muscle, bone and skin.  Sometimes marijuana becomes like being on the wheel that the character Robert Jodan describes in ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls.’  Alcohol is definitely like being on the wheel.
People have said nice things about Montana.  I hate to dismiss a state completely, but this state needs to get swept up.  There’s a whole lot of dirt, and it’s taking up too much space.  I got the picture within about thirty miles.  We should take a day to sweep it up into a neat little pile so drivers can get past it to the next big idea.  I like the belly of the United States.  I like the designs better further south.

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