Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'm driving. Driving, driving, driving. It's 7:21 and I'm 31 miles from Green River Wyoming. I have seen a lot of wide open space on this trip, but Wyoming takes the prize. I have been observing vastness for hours now. I thought it might be cool to get to Eugene some time tomorrow, Friday, but that looks more and more like a fantasy. It's taken a damn long time to go about one centemeter, and there are plenty more centemeters to go.

I'm hoping there's a billboard inviting me to do something hillarious tonight, open 24hrs. I'm ready for an adventure enhancement. I've been staying amused mainly by talking crazy, and getting every possible wacky flavor of push-button cappuccino.

7:21. I was tripping along Wyoming's vastness, listening to Air. How Does It Make You Feel? Chris Harne: "pretty fucking awesome!"

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I was there a few months ago!