Saturday, August 16, 2008


These days are starting to run together. My watch beeped right as I got back to the van for some cookin'. I cleared off my chair, and pulled out my camping stove. I sat down, tucked my book into my book cabinet, and screwed the stove top onto the propane cylinder. Zatarin's black beans and rice.

There's a dude named Chris who sits around trying to get people's change with witty signs - he hangs out with the group of others doing the same. He smoked me up, and gave me some for later. "Welcome to Ashland - you have friends here." Wow. That's something else.

I went to the movies again. "Mirrors" is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Fortunately, it had several very hilarious (serious) moments. It seems like this theater shows the best and the bullshit all in one place. This was a big step down from Jellyfish, which I probably give too much credit because I think French movies are somehow automatically smart. That's another thought. I maintain that "Mirrors" was classic malarkey.

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