Monday, August 18, 2008

Delicious nectar of life.

A positive title, for a day that ended on a positive note. Things are good.

7:21 found me escaping some rain. I'm sitting shotgun in my van reading my book. I made $30 earlier for building and fixing some bicycles at a small local shop that specializes in used bicycles and outdoor equipment. Friday is the usual payday, but I requested an exception with much sheepishness. I'm working again on Wednesday and Friday. Now at least I know I won't starve until I find a full time job. I was so financially confident that I even bought a sandwich with my 40oz beer.

Booze and a sandwich gets me pretty close to real meditation. That and a chair provides real satisfaction. After that, I went to the movies. This is where the nectar of life part comes in. I bought a ticket for a possibly lousy film. There was another lady standing at the box office talking on her phone about a ticket. I recognized her because we shared a table outside of Starbucks two days ago and talked until her ride showed up in a white pickup. She hung up the phone, and I walked over and said hello. I reminded her about Starbucks and then she remembered me too. She told me she had a free ticket for such-and-such that I didn't know about. I thought it was for a movie, but it turned out that it was for real theater. She said it was right around the corner, and she was trying so hard to give away the ticket. The show was in intermission. Being afraid that I'd missed too much, I asked what happens in the second half. "I don't know... MORE hilarious shit?" she said, almost flustered. That's when I got the picture. I saw myself clearly, and I was looking a gift horse right in the mouth. Free theater. What the fuck? I accepted the ticket with very much thanks. Did I still have her number, she asked? Yup! I've got it saved on my laptop. I traded my movie ticket for a voucher, and booked it around the corner. I heard some live music - James Brown. I didn't know where I was supposed to be going, so I asked a guy at the door "do you know where I go with this ticket?" He stood up straighter and was immediately friendly and at my service. "Here. Follow me. I'll show you." He led me inside and up a few long spiral flights of cement stairs. He led me through a door, and pointed out my seat. I was in a huge outdoor coliseum, the night sky clear above the huge multi-level theater. The stage was far below, and I couldn't believe that I'd hesitated to accept such a ticket. James Brown it was. A good impression of it, very theatrical. The hilarious shit had commenced moments before my arrival. The second half of the show was all mine to enjoy. It was a variety show - no plot being missed, as I had feared. It was The Daedalus Project, and I was fucking lucky to be there.

After the show I went back to my van, secure once again in the knowledge that my life is crispy and delicious. I laid in the van and I was happy. I was parked up a hill, only a few blocks from the theater. The night was authentically chilly, and I closed a few of my windows, letting a gentle cold breeze flow in the remainder. I snuggled into my blanket smelling the fresh scent of whatever flavor the cheap detergent was that I just used to wash it yesterday. I looked at the sky through my two small skylights in my hi-top roof, and imagined that I was looking through the slits of the eyes of a cobra. The shadows on my curtains to the front added to the image. I was inside the head of a cobra, looking out. I was still maybe a little bit high.

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