Saturday, August 2, 2008

Looking for camping

I'm on the road. I'm traveling with three travelers who I met on Craigslist. They seem pretty awesome, and we're getting along swell. They're headed out to Britt Iowa to go to a hobo festival. They ride trains a little too. And hitchhike and such. They've got some tattoos and dreadlocks between them. They don't change clothes much, and they sleep in a tarp-tent. Your average good people.

I'm sitting shotgun in my van. Savannah is driving. I'm leafing through an Ohio campground guide trying to find a close place so we can have a fire and get situated before the sun goes down. The campground we select has no privacy between the sites, and costs too much. There is a Motel 6 sign illuminating the site between the trees, and the back of a billboard is in clear view. We drink too much beer.

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Casey Serin said...

Your antics almost make me look responsible by comparison! :-D