Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Hour at Kelly's

I'm sitting with Matt, Steve & Dreamin at a table right outside the bar zone at Kelly's. $2 microbrews until 7pm. There's an IPA, a wheat, a red. I've started a tab and I've been sampling them all. Plus wings of various types. We've constructed a three story pyramid of glasses and taken pictures of ourselves to prove later how fun it was and what attractive worldly people we all are. Our spot is looking over the sidewalk. If you need beer in a nice but humble spot, drink it here under these trees. If the people who had the table before you leave some untouched wings, they're all yours - in spite of the look of surprise you may get from the lady at the next table. She agrees with this policy, however it surprises her to see you take advantage of someone else's excess flavorbird.

$2 IPA. This reminds me of eating (drinking) at Mr. Mike's Pizza in Burlington VT this past June. It became an instant pastime, along with morning coffee at Speeder and Earl's. Kelly's has a good thing going, and I'm happy to drink $2 IPA from a glass again.

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