Saturday, March 22, 2008

Alaskan Girl

Oh, positive, positive moments. Matt just asked "do you know that Alaskan girl?" I laugh, using p's and f's and air. "Nah" I fail to explain. Alaskan Girl is one of Mike's old, old 4-track recorded songs from when he lived in a basement in West Grove and wore stockings and nonsense to school. His project was called Zulu Sexual, and there were tapes of it. Matt's question reminds me. I laugh. My watch beeps. This five second stretch - today's recorded moment - went just like that. The girl's name is Isabella - Nah, I don't know her. But if I meet her, she can't ride on my handlebars. It already didn't work for Matt. He had fun trying tho.

We're in my house-van on Grinnell by Flemming. Mentally preparing for a film at the Tropic. Relaxing. I take notes on a tablet about the moment. Contrary to previous policy, I let Matt review my notes. Now he laughs too. He thinks he has one of the Zulu tapes: he's seen it in the past two years. His is recorded on an old Disney tape. Tapes, man.

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