Friday, February 1, 2008

New spices, wondering

I'm at the same spot. This is a nice daytime spot, but only available
between 7am and 10pm. I've eaten. I have an increased cooking
repertoire. CVS has a deal on 88 cent spices. I stocked up on a
cayenne pepper and a garlic powder. Add that to my chili powder and I
have a solution for anything men (mankind) ever cooked. So I've eaten
my noodles and well spiced sauce. When the watch beeps, my left
floppy hand is curled flaccid against my left temple on the left side
of my headbone. I'm remembering approximately three months ago when
Truck House was parked in the driveway at my parents's house. I'm
remembering how I still spent a strong majority of my nights sleeping
in the upstairs bedroom. Was that more appealing to me? What's more
appealing now? If I was in Kennett Square at this moment, after being
in Key West for two months (to the day), what would be more appealing?
Would it be my van? The van that I affectionately refer to as "my
house?" Or might I again get more comfortable sneaking weed and
watching Law and Order?

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