Thursday, February 7, 2008

At the marina, Steve found $300

Me and Steve just came from Eddie's boat. We planned to scrub bird shit off of it, but didn't get really far with that before dark. We parked the dinghy and we're standing on shore. Steve went to chuck out a couple empties in the dumpster, and came back with a look on his face.
Steve: "What do you think I have in my hand right now?" (awed, beaming)
Me: "weed. Dude - you found a fucking bag of weed there?"
// Then he showed me the money. $300 in hundreds. Unbelievable.


Steve said...

You know that's some drug money. HAHA go TWIN.

Meagan Ishtar said...

that is awesome!

i've been reading your postings both on here and on truck house. thought i should comment on something and this was one of my favorite ones. mainly because i can imagine how sweet such an occurence must have been.

wanted to let you know how much i admire what you've done and how i hope to do the same thing in a year or two. my boyfriend and i are in the midst of paying off debt as well and trying to save to buy a van or something of the sort. he spent a summer in key west a few years back and loved the area - we hope to go there in the future too. he gets a kick out of recognizing the places you mention, brings back a lot of memories i imagine.

are you still planning on traveling around outside of florida? we live in california, san jose which is an hour south of san francisco. if you make it this way be sure to hit us up - it'd be awesome to meet.

best wishes and luck in your continuing adventure.