Thursday, January 3, 2008

Winn Dixie

My watch beeps and I feel like I got caught, and in a way I did, but it's funny. I'm in Winn Dixie trying to figure out what to get in addition to some Steel Reserve. I just picked up a thin little pack of sliced chicken. Then beeping, like a little burglar alarm - caught buying processed chicken for $.59. I'm going to put it on Triscuits that I got yesterday. Beer, and chicken-Trisuits. I love how I'm living down here. Love it. I'm going to get a new stove, and start eating actual food at some point. I have a stove but it sucks really bad, so I never use it. Don't get a Coleman 533 Dual Fuel. Go with propane or something. I should get a 12v skillet like Tara HoboStripper has. I think she's a lot smarter than I am about things like this.

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