Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kevin / stolen bike / new job? / soup

I'm always slacking off when 7:21 hits. I'm at Angela and Duval talking to Kevin at his info booth again. I'm apprehensive. Someone stole my City Bike. I'm going to drive up to Lantana, FL tonight to sell Truck House. Kevin said I might be able to park in front of his house. It'd be nice to add a sanctioned spot to my bag of parking spots. He said I could even plug in... but no need. I don't really need electricity. I haven't missed it very much, surprisingly. I'd rather just have a spot to kick open the side doors and cook. My new $19.99 propane camp stove is great.

My anxiety is keeping me from having the will to work. I know I'll be quitting very early. The anxiety isn't very bad though. It's mild, and it's aimed at my stolen bike and the impending road trip. I'll be calm once I'm rolling. I'm looking into a mechanic job at a shop to substitute for some of my pedicab days. If it's good, I'll get $15/hr cash, and work on customer repairs. I'll do pedicab just on weekends. Pretty sweet setup if it works.

I'm sorta sharing Kevin's soup. Like potato soup with shrimp. Good.

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