Monday, January 14, 2008

Cooking in van again

I'm cooking up some Tereyaki Noodles in the same spot I was yesterday. It's a Lipton Meal. About $1.29, filling, and a really great idea for camping. I got that suggestion from a book about bicycle camping written in 1984. I have another whisky and coke. I'm killing time before I go out to see another movie: Juno. I'm going to the Tropic Cinema, which is a block off of Duval on Eaton St. I just got a membership, so tickets are only $6. It's a nice theater, and the tickets are cheaper than they are up in New Town by Publix. Hmm.

I'm very happy. I'm thinking how nice this is, and how this is exactly what I want. Relaxed in a van, cooking with the doors open. If this wasn't something where you had to be worried about police once in awhile, it would be the ideal lifestyle. Ideal. And right now, I love it.

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