Tuesday, August 9, 2022

I won 1500 bucks

I was in LA 32 days ago rolling off a two-day sober stint. They were supposed to roll tape two weeks earlier. Two weeks earlier, I was ready. I was practically wearing a bow tie and annunciating. But I got a last minute call that filming was on hold, and two weeks passed.

I ate that slim $12 burrito and watched planes land.

As the sun went to a beautiful low angle, I walked past a burnt out homeless encampment under a highway bridge and felt unsettled. An hour later I recognized that what I had seen was a mistake rather than an attack; the way the tents and equipment were arranged spoke of an accident. Why hadn’t I processed those telltale details before? They were ok.

I had a fuckload of margarita and a shitty quesadilla and then pasted a dispensary address into Uber. The dispensary was mid-level sketchy, and that would be a whole story, but I wiggled my way into the best blunt I have ever seen.

The next day I met Jay Leno and I won 1500 bucks,


http://trailerparkcyclist.blogspot.com said...

Hey Pixy, how's life.
I don't get it. its all a muddle. Here in Florida there are reports of covid peaking while at the same time the hospitals are full...except that the Blonde was in hospital a month ago with some pretty bad pneumonia and the nurse in charge told me in conversation they didn't have any covid cases at the time. None. Zilch.

So me, I'm going to do what I always do in times such as these: keep my head down, avoid crowds and apply liberal amounts of rum. It hasn't failed me thus far.
Chris I am glad you found me. It is lonely howling unto the universe.
your old old friend

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

Always a sound approach for dealing with how sane the world is.