Friday, February 3, 2023

I finished my first table.

I need a new way to make money. I decided to double down on woodworking last year. Now I'm prying open my Roth IRA to pay off my credit cards, so the money had better start flowing in soon. I've put what amounts to a herculean effort (for me) into acquiring the skills and equipment that I thought would be necessary to start a new woodworking/table-making business. I've been dabbling in wood for years, but took it full steam ahead last August. I've been working steadily, and I have almost nothing to show for it. Except for this one table.

It didn't take me since August to make one measly table - I've been working on dozens of them. I get the table tops to a mostly finished stage, and then I put them in one of several stacks of mostly-finished table tops. Dozens. Some of them have an issue which needs to be corrected, but mostly I put them aside because of a spontaneous visceral need to start a new and different one.

The plan seemed so simple: build and sell tables. People do that. I can learn how to be one of those people. The goal still seems logical and achievable, but I have yet to gain any traction. What I do have are dozens of artistically rendered table tops; projects which can be re-kindled and completed. This is only the first one. 

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