Saturday, April 9, 2022

What we are all doing.

Yes, yes, yes, I'm here. I can hear the frogs chirping in the pond which isn't far from the window in the room where I'm sitting on a mattress on a floor.

My name is Pixy now. Part of that is because it is an objectively better name, and I guess partly just to mix it up and see who blinks. Genderfluid they/them.

I'm $8000 in debt, but I have stocks worth like $30,000 that aren't convenient to sell to cover the cost of all the woodworking tools and alcohol I bought during covid. The plan is to sell books online to fix the problem, but really I'm waking up from smoking a half ounce of weed while binging Narcos for a week.

I got a lot of money from the covid shit and claiming self employed. Which, yeah, pretty much self employed.

Now it's time to march forward like a moron which is what we are all doing.

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