Friday, February 10, 2017

Instant coffee is real.

What about coffee? People overthink that. The correct choice, if you want to go nuts, would be to drink tea instead. That’s not where I’m at.

I drink instant coffee. I started drinking instant coffee while traveling by bicycle. In the van I started by using a French press. I don’t have time for that anymore. More accurately, I do not have a sink.

I enjoy the ritual of morning coffee. I do not enjoy cleaning the pot. I had the system down after many days of practice. My system now is easier still. I heat some water, add a scoop or two of Nescafe or Taster’s Choice and I’m done. No sugar, no cream. Who needs it? Not this man. Not the one typing now - the one who pauses to indicate himself proudly with both thumbs.

There are nutritional differences between freshly roasted and ground beans and instant coffee which is freeze dried. I searched the internet to learn about that, and was met with contradictory bullshit and hullabaloo. The bottom line is this: I have an old plastic mug and it works. Life is easy. Don’t make it hard.

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