Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY Farmhouse Table - Day 2

I worked all day on the farmhouse table with Shelly. This is day two. Shelly stayed over last night so we could get an earlier start than yesterday.

Shelly was focused on precision quite a bit, and I keep telling her that when it's done she will see that these little inconsistencies do add up... to a freaking awesome looking table! I've learned the value of a sixteenth and a quarter when cutting wood, and I'm learning what to worry about and when to shrug. The instructions get a little confusing, but we didn't have much difficulty forging ahead with sensible decisions.

We're making two. One for Shelly's house, and one to sell. We have both table tops finished, but not finished - we still have lots of sanding and staining for next time. We have one base completed, but likewise, it needs sanding and stain.

Now I have a full farmhouse table in my van, along with the parts and materials for another farmhouse table, and all of the other stuff that was already in there to begin with. My van is basically acting as a storage shed on wheels.

Lotta brand new wood. Glad I wasn't the one paying for once.

Tabletop #1. Hard to see, but it's held together with 10,000 pocket screws. And glue.

You do a lot of this before cleaning out a channel with a chisel.

We switched off on that.

Working toward a smooth(er) channel with a chisel.

Something like this?

Completed base #1. In this photo, I just pinched my finger with a hammer.

After working all day, we were proud of what we had to show for it - but when you look at what you've just made, it seems like it should not have taken so long. The lesson? Shit takes longer than you think. Embrace that, take your time, and you'll have more fun.

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