Sunday, October 20, 2013

DIY Farmhouse Table - Day 1

I need money for a battery bank and money for house-finishing supplies. I overdrew my bank account. I took out almost all my money to buy bicycle parts at the last swap meet, and I didn't accurately gauge how much money I would need in my account to tie me over until fresh eBay money starts coming in.


They money has started to come in, but now I'm playing ketchup. In the meantime, I can't make meaningful improvement to the house. I just spent two whole days listing eBay stuff, so now I'm taking a break to do a different project.

Shelly emailed me a link to some DIY Farmhouse Table plans that she wants to try. I'm the one with the most access to basic tools. We scheduled a day to work on the plans, and that day is today.

We started out by gathering supplies and materials. We decided to make two tables - one for Shelly to keep, and one to sell. Ideally, the second table will sell for enough to significantly offset the cost of the first. That's Shelly's department. I'm in charge of tape measures and saw guidance.

We mostly finished two table tops. It seems like a person should have more to show for those hours of work, but a large percentage of the time is taken by the learning curve. Both of us are now much more familiar with the concept of pocket holes - and I get to keep the Kreg jig in exchange for helping out with tools and assistance. Deal!

I consider this an excellent skill-building exercise. This is a fun way to make myself learn how to build something that I want to know how to build anyway.

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