Friday, August 2, 2013

Trikes and Books: Scouting and Writing.

Fucked around for another day. This is getting regular. When it comes to getting the house finished, sometimes I am astonished with how much I don't get done.

I put pedals back on the trike. Kristin and I took a trike n' bike to uptown Kennett where I dropped off a basket brimming with packages at the post office. We got coffee and took a scenic ride home through the back paths of Anson B. Nixon park. All of that was great. For the morning, at least, I was living the Trike Life.

That's me. Doing it right circa 2011.
I did get my book scanning equipment in the mail. I managed to figure out how to set everything up. At the last minute, I tried to get to a book sale to test out the scouting, but I arrived thirty minutes too late.

I also started work on writing a book. Time will tell whether that leads to anything more than scattered paragraphs.

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