Friday, July 19, 2013

Just missed it!

I missed my opportunity to own a destination vacation location that could have made me millions.

Fessenden, ND land:

Town website:

Convincing text from the auction:
North Dakota:
In addition, the area of North Dakota is currently enjoying a truly impressive economic boom. Dubbed “The Economic Miracle” by American and Global Economists, North Dakota is currently America’s most successful state by every economic measure. While the national economy has struggled in recent years, North Dakota has quietly flourished, setting records in domestic energy production, job creation and state budget surplus growth. For the past decade, North Dakota has led the US in growth of both personal income and real state GDP. With no shortage of natural resources and a current surge in renewable energy development, the economic future looks bright for North Dakota, making it perhaps the single best location for land investment in the country.
North Dakota is becoming one of the more sensible choices in today’s busy, polluted environment.  The quality of life experienced by people in North Dakota is one of natural, clean and friendly living. North Dakota has an excellent education system and infrastructure. Property taxes are extremely low as well. People care about one another and no one is ever to busy to stop and lend a helping hand.  Recreational opportunities are endless.
There is snowmobiling, cross county skiing, and ice fishing in the winter and hunting, bird watching, fishing, horse back riding, rafting, canoeing and hiking in the summer and fall.  North Dakota has some of the best hunting and fishing in the lower forty-eight.  North Dakota is especially known for its plethora of bird species.

 Right... sounds perfect...

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