Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tiny House seems likely.

Dear Journal,
Spent last night at Kristin's. Went to Kennett for Christmas morning. Got popcorn. Lots. Got Under Armour baselayers and some books about the A.T. that should be very useful. Went to Kristin's folks's again for a second holiday meal and more gifts. Got a book on Alternative Building which is already an excellent read. I've been researching building so much recently.

I've come to the conclusion that a real Tiny House - Tumbleweed style - makes a lot of sense. I'd like to build one cheaper, though. That's the current plan, but as always the "current plan" is an evolutionary process.

I bought the "Tiny House Book" in PDF, too. I also talked to Karl [ed note: brother-in-law] about the potential future plan of buying land to build small houses on. But, like always, I'm the ONLY one saving money. So it's all on me for the most part - if I want to build a small house community, I'll have to work towards doing that by myself. I'll have to have most of it in place. If you build it THEN they will come - convincing people to think and plan in line with your own hypothetical dreams is impractical at best.


John said...

Been trying to wrap my head around this as well. Tiny Houses both suffer and thrive from being the subject of people's dreams. I have a few friends who are also looking forward to something like this in their future, though none have taken a step towards it. I honestly have no idea how they expect it will happen. For now, I've been banking on the "if you build it they will come" model as well. It takes more resources, but I think as soon as people see me make concrete steps towards realizing it, help will come.

If mobility is not a necessity, Open Source Ecology's Compressed Earth Brick Press is a really appealing solution to building a home. If mobility is a necessity, then it's worth keeping in mind for down the road. http://blog.opensourceecology.org/2012/12/christmas-gift-to-the-world-2012/

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

I have a wide open mind about what structures to sleep in. I also would like to try building a few. A van-house is also in my future, but I will wait until I have a more permanent place to park it.

The appeal of the Tiny House is that it is easy to recognize as a thing that normal people live in. My "if you build it" statement refers to my line of thinking that if I build a the tiny house, I can THEN find a place to park it. I don't want to put out a Craigslist ad that I'm looking for parking for a hypothetical structure. I'd like to build the house, take a photo of me with it, then put out an ad asking for safe parking. The more that people can see and understand what I've done, the easier it will be for them to decide whether I can take up a tiny corner of a huge disused lawn.

Personally, I like van houses and Truck Houses, and busses. I think they show creativity and they prove that the person living in them is someone who doesn't care about social norms.

Right now I'm trying to do anything possible to work toward land ownership and not being a rent-payer. A tiny house seems to fit nicely inside of somewhat accepted social norms enough to get me to where I really want to be. Where I want to be is on a patch of land with my own cabin that I built - and a van-house or two - and a Truck House. And a spacious workshop with an array of tools. With good people sharing the land. For almost zero ongoing cost. To retire early and not be crippled by mortgage. To follow my dreams instead of needing to make more money, thus fitting my dreams into the leftover spaces where I'm too tired to care.

I'd also like people like you to be able to visit and build a structure or live in a bus. I want community living, but not on the separated aloof and banal terms that have become typical. I don't know anybody on my parents' street, and none of us talk. It's just big separate houses in a row.

Also, I love this girl that I'm with like crazy, and I strongly desire to fold her into my plans. I love the Tiny Houses, but I probably wouldn't touch them if it wasn't a compromise on some level. But as far as compromises go, this is a good one. I'm excited to start putting screws into wood.

Stay in touch.


Anonymous said...

have you considered an enclosed trailer? a 7x14 used is around 3-4k, or a 6x12 single axle for around 2k. small, mobile if need be, cheap, easy to customize.tiny house's are nice but way too much $$$. if you dont need to be mobile consider a pre-built shed. some of these look like a small house, for about 5k on a 10x12 size

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

I've considered most every structure imaginable, pre-built or vehicular or made of mud. If it was just me, I'd move back into my van.

Right now, though, I'm planning to kinda do-it-up. I intend to get a little fancy. I'm also looking forward to the skill-building aspect as well as having a sturdy and properly insulated structure.

The real end-game is to own property without a mortgage. This is a step I'm taking now to demonstrate to potential property-mates that we can build our own shit and live comfortably without the looming mortgages and high utility costs of the masses.

Otherwise, it'd be all about the vandwelling (which everybody should probably be doing all the time).

Anonymous said...

Im anon from above. yep, the van thing is awesome.Ive been doing it for 18 months now. Im planning on doing some homesteading in the future. just need to find someone with property thats willing to let me garden & set up a chicken coop with laying hens in there back yard.;)