Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Eating better food starting now.

I didn't realize to what extent my typical diet is horrendous. Fortunately, a documentary filled me in. As the movie played, Kristin and I watched the experts explain the details about what I already sorta knew. The folks in the documentary didn't seem judgmental, just factual. I was left to scold myself.

The movie had a profound effect. The facts about corporate food and diet fads were laid out, and alternate suggestions were made. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Our eating habits will make an immediate and drastic change. We will be talking about this documentary for days.


John said...

What was it?

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

It was called "Hungry For Change." I'd highly recommend it. I look at food completely differently now. I've been eating much better, and it's nothing but good.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Chris in VA again; after I saw your comment, we watched it on Netflix. The next day bought a juicer. While I consider myself "healthy" the junk I ate and drank would have caught up with me. Curious to see if I feel different in the coming weeks.
Best, Chris