Sunday, January 1, 2012

Getting a bicycle for my girl.

I'm batting a fucking thousand.

I woke up in the wonderful setting that is my Philadelphia apartment. I woke up next to a girl that thinks I'm pretty good. So far so good, she thinks. Satellite was closed today - being New Years and all - but Dunkin Donuts did not disappoint. Except for all the farting.

I took the wheel. We drove to the bicycle shop, and I used my keys to unlock the store and rifle through the contents. Test rides. I put Kristin on a couple of damn-fancy bicycles. I employed the use of tape measures, allen wrenches and a tire pump. I explained possibilities and how to shift.

She picked the cheap one. Out of everything, the used bicycle with the cruiser bars was the one that spoke up. "It's yours!" I said. By that I meant that she could pay for it later.

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