Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Notebooking; journaling

I got a notebook for 25 cents. I am filling it with words and ideas. I am making extremely regular updates. I like journaling. I'll update here soon, but I'm loving the notebook. No electricity, and none of my moments are slipping through the cracks.


Trailer Park Cyclist said...

All my best stuff was done ink and paper analog.

Anonymous said...

Hey chris I've been following you for a few years and I'm preparing to be a full time vandweller soon after years of reading about others and dreaming.

I did a cross country trip from york pa to los angeles on a little 250 ninja tent camping and sleeping under the stars and loved it.

Anyway this is the first time outside of emailing you for your wordpress blog address when you moved over there for a while that I've spoken up.

So I have a few things I've been wondering about. First one is where are you ending your bike trip? It sounds like where ever it is you are going to settle in for a bit. I've seen you write about going back to philly but also write about not. Your blog was stagnant and mundane as I suspect your life was when you were there, I know the feeling! Now that your on another adventure its obviously better.

I like you am always looking over the horizon at the next adventure.

My next question is about a bicycle which I know you have a wealth of knowledge on, I want some kind of hybrid and want to get something used off craigslist for a reasonable price and I'm a gear head and artist so I would love to add new stuff and customize it. So what's a good hybrid? I've seen a lot of diamond backs pretty reasonable in my area and I think I remember your hoopty being one, are they all good?

You got me back into bicycles man! I haven't ridden one since I was 16 because I got my license so thanks for that and I'm gonna need cheap transport when I park my van somewhere to explore.

Not sure what's on your list of future adventures but maybe my list will inspire you like you cross country bicycling epic has added another to my list:
Through hike the AT
Ride the rails as a hobo C2C
Moto trip alaska to the tip of S.Amer
Hunt and find dino fossils
Visit Chris Mcannles' bus
Peyote in the desert
dive with sharks
Be face2face with a tornado
Sea kayak with wails in B.C.

Just a few ideas; but first I'm getting my van together and setting sail across america to explore the lower 48 on a grand adventure and spend some more time living in Los Angeles with friends.

My names Brandon by the way and thanks for the inspiration man, hopefully one day we will meet out there some where.

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

A good hybrid is just one that fits, really. I avoid suspension forks, and I prefer steel frames. I prefer the classic look of a bicycle with a horizontal top tube. The best upgrade is a good set of reliable hand-built wheels. I'm also a huge sucker for northroad handlebars, and end up putting them on any bicycle I intend to ride. It's unnecessary, but I'm hooked on it.

Diamondbacks aren't very high up on the list of quality bicycles. They're kinda medium quality - they were known for BMX back in the day.
With bicycles it's more about the frame material and component choice than the brand name.

To get the size right, just stand over the bicycle and make sure you have about 1-2 inches of crotch clearance. If you find something on Craigslist that looks good, you can email me for an opinion. If you have a bicycle co-op nearby, I'd look there too.

You have a good list of adventures. I'd like to hike the AT too. I've been thinking about that quite a bit.

I'm at too