Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Low on blood

I'm situating myself in my van. It's my night off. I'm passing my laptop and electronics bag to the back, and my curtain clip just came off. Just before the beeping I mumbled "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you" to myself. Not with any anger, but just a mild scolding frustration. I'm light headed. I donated blood for some snacks and a movie ticket this morning, and I'm just now feeling how I should be more careful after donating blood. I haven't eaten enough - just a burger and fries - and I had a couple beers, which can dehydrate a man. I was warned about that. So I'm back at the van to sit for a minute and make some easier plans, cause I almost passed out on Duval St. about 10 minutes ago. I have a free coffee from Kevin who works at the info / tourist booth connected to Denny's. I'm having that, water, a peanut butter bagel sandwich - then finding a place to cook some food and listen to an iPod. Couscous. That's the current plan.

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