Friday, January 5, 2007

Benotto taped Salsa bars

I'm at home in the nicely newly cleaned and organized main room of our apartment. I'm re-installing the left hand bar end shifter on my bike after installing nice new old stock green Benotto handlebar tape. Almost done... looks nice! Odd to see this vintage tape on black Salsa bars. I like that kind of thing though. Now that I just installed a tall Specialized stem, the tops of the bars are as high as my seat. It's super comfortable, and I'm really starting to dig this bike. The wheels have to go... the back one has a flat spot that I can feel bumping around on a smooth road. Rims are on the way now to build up a really nice touring wheelset that should last me a good long time. Then when I get my sample Sleeper Cycles frame, I can transfer all of these parts and have almost an exact prototype of the Sleeper Cycle I'll be selling. Excitement / apprehension. Not bad.

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