Tuesday, January 30, 2007

lining up all my ducks

Talk to Excel. I'm figuring out how much each part costs and where I'm going to get it for my production run of bicycles. I'm lining up all my ducks, and if all goes as planned, the frames will arrive in May. Just in time for me to go on a two month bicycle vacation... but you can't keep putting off bicycle vacations. If you're following the story of the production run, it just changed a lot. Before: touring bikes, Now: 3 speeds. I made the decision for a myriad of reasons, and I'm very relieved and excited about the switch. I can also get an account with J&B as a manufacturer when I get the appropriate insurance policy. Talked to them on the phone this morning for awhile. The insurance policy I'm looking at is affordable, and I'm getting the final information and application in the mail. So... 7:21pm : mind on overdrive. Danielle is almost here - we're gonna go see the Flyers.

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