Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12th, 2007

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I'm looking at the 'casual encounters' section on Craigslist. I'm sitting here deciding how to word this 7:21 description properly. I have three choices. I could use it as a springboard for a brave and honest admission that I'm a dork and explain why. I could turn the whole thing into some sort of explanatory joke that isn't quite funny. Or I could be vague and wait until 7:21 tomorrow.

See how witty? I did all three. Now that I'm very proud of myself, I'm still not certain that I've completed my mission. First I look at 'strictly platonic' to see if there is anyone who is up for meeting random people who don't live in philly. Then I move on to "W4M" because something could be posted there which could lead to meeting someone to do something. Then I move on to 'casual encounters' half because I'm just curious, and half because I think there's going to be a smoking hot babe who is a real person with no STDs who wants to get crazy with me. In real life. Truthfully, I'm embarrassed because I am a little bit socially desperate and I just got caught looking for friends in a really backwards way.

Why do I ever bother with something like this 7:21 log? I think it's an egotistical thing to get people to like me and think that I'm really awesome. Having a personal website of has to have some kind of egotistical motive behind it. I want people to think I'm interesting. So I put this website up about how awesome I am. I'm not completely proud to admit that, and I do mean all this with measurable sincerity.

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