Thursday, February 4, 2016

Getting shit undone.

Getting shit done is not my strong point. I have occasional bursts of extreme productivity, but the daily to-do lists on scraps of paper keep adding up. When there are too many scraps, I transcribe them onto new scraps. Maybe a tablet.

My brain is a hammer. My brain is a machine gun.

On the productive side, I've accomplished plenty. Built a small house once. I could give myself credit for that.

On the arguably productive side, as in "I produced this content," I updated the Condiment Packet Gallery in January. Nearly eleven years passed without an update. Suddenly I was inspired to continue. Countless hours were spent re-learning basics; writing CSS for the first time, and updating my use of HTML. Then came the repetitive copy-paste creation of a thousand static pages. Scanning hundreds of new packets followed. Now there's an Instagram account: @condimentpacket is back open for business.

Sure, I can do that, but today I can't muster the energy to walk to the liquor store. To fold laundry. To step outside. To charge my phone.

We bought eight 18-gallon rubbermaid totes, just like Bob Wells recommended. My apartment is a loud sack of shit.

How am I going to muster the wherewithal to walk out and tap the gas? Nagging last-minute operations suffer in the undercurrent of daily to-dos. I'm suspended like a fruit chunk in jello. The van needs some work; inside and out. It's winter. I need to build a bed platform, but it's cold outside. I need to run some wiring, install lights, sort out the propane situation, and decide what goes into the blue totes. But I barely stretched socks over my cold feet by noon.

I can talk about booze and brains and adderall and ADHD, but what more can I really say. Today is one, and tomorrow will be another.


Anonymous said...

Let's roll on to Florida I plan on visiting friends in Jacksonville then moving southbound. Plan on departing this weekend or early next week

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

I'm throwing away a hefty amount of bullshit right now. Have quite a bit of construction in the van. Dunno if I'll be ready in a week, but soon as possible is the plan. I'm looking at 3 weeks at least.

Anonymous said...

I was yelled at, a finger close to my eyeball telling me what a piece of garbage I am. is this how you treat someone? Yet alone someone that would lay down their life for you? Thanks mom,I sure feel appreciated.

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

There is one lady I could tolerate that level of abuse from. But I'm relieved that my mom does not provoke me in such a manner.

Anonymous said...

How's that BOSS van coming along ?

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

I'll tell you. This van is fun to drive. It's huge. And despite the fact it is the size of a house, it still drives and parks like a van. Updates with pictures coming soon.