Wednesday, May 8, 2013


5/8 - Junk silver mining. I didn't know that pre-1964 quarters are worth $4.32 for the melt-value of the silver. They're 90% silver. Kristin and I went though all of my stored change jars, and did not find one single pre-1964 quarter. None. There were a ton of 1965 quarters though. So it's not simple. I did, however, find a pre-1964 dime, which is worth about $1.72 for the melt-value of the silver. Pre-1964 dimes are also 90% silver. I want to track down more of these coins. I'm not collecting anything at the moment, and this will be a fun hobby if it takes off. Now I'm on the lookout. I might stop by a bank for a few hundred dollars in rolled quarters to look through - "coin roll mining" as they call it. Not profitable, but a fun activity to fill my need to be hunting something down.

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