Monday, February 18, 2013

Sizing up lumber and the Tiny House building site.

In Kennett. Spent hours in Lowes looking at everything I might need to build a house. I was happy to see good prices on nice straight 2x lumber, and I saw everything I might need. The exploratory expedition filled in some pieces of the puzzle, and gave me some new ideas.

I looked at a potential building site - right next to my folk's place. Reasonably separated and not very visible from anywhere. It shouldn't be in the way at all. Looked at zoning regulations for Kennett, and found the newest "plan" that addresses housing needs. The plan lists details and ideas that fit perfectly with the idea of having a small auxiliary dwelling. Will my parents be comfortable with this idea? Can I build here? I'm aching to build, and this is a spot where I can. I like Kennett. I'd like to quit paying rent, finish college and get a job having something to do with carpentry or building. I'd like to try something new.

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