Friday, December 9, 2011

Cafe Bustelo at home.

As my watch beeps, I'm pulling a brick of Cafe Bustelo out of my backpack. I'm sitting in my Philadelphia bedroom's golden easy chair, and I'm happy to be home. These are easy times.

I have an open brick of Cafe Bustelo spilling into a large ziplock bag. The yellow brick of espresso is inexpensive and Cuban as fuck. I have a one-shot espresso bubbler, and I am the king. I can make little espressos on my camp stove wherever I go. Boom.


Shogun said...

What kind of camp stove do you use. I have a few but prefer my trangia alcohol set up.

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

I like the Trangia alcohol stove as well. That's what I'd use for travel / bicycle touring. At home I use a basic butane-mix canister stove. It's like the MSR Pocket Rocket but cheap and janky. In my van I use a Coleman propane stove. I'm a professional dork, so I'm all over the charts.

If I had to choose only one portable stove, I'd stick with the Trangia setup. But the butane canister one blasts the shit out my the espresso maker - which I appreciate. Espresso? Now, please.

Shogun said...

I once lived in an apartment with no kitchen or bathroom. I did have electricity and a hose for water. I used a Coleman propane stove for all of my cooking needs and a chemical camp toilet for elimination.
My Trangia stayed in my van. Now I have 3 different Trangia set ups.